Start 2022 with a New Frequency 

 3-hour LIVE online event guided by Adrienn Living on Light


What you will get:

  • Clear out old energetic patterns holded in 2021
  • Get your inner self ready for the new year
  • Learn how to manifest the dream life that matches with your soul’s purpose
  • Adrienn’s channeling work on your energy field: Cleansing and lifting up the frequency you consciously are at, opening new channels on your essence to live in a more expanded state of being

Each new beginning carries an infinite potential for new possibilities. In order to manifest our dreams in this reality, we must first plant the seeds in the subtlest planes of existence and take care of them as good gardeners take care of their plants. Everything is energy in the unified field of consciousness and our work is to adjust the vibrational waves emitted by our sacred presence, to connect with everything that we wish to manifest on this realm.

The event will be held virtually on Zoom. You will receive a link to join the event and the link for the replay (after the event) in case you were not able to attend it LIVE.

*The event will be broadcast in English and simultaneous translation into Spanish will be available.

What you will need:

  • Paper
  • Pen
  • A cozy/quiet place where you can do the meditation

€ 50

(One time fee)