Online SILENT Retreat (Part 1) – Activate the Three Diamonds


I am so beyond grateful to introduce this process that was born in the period of November 2021- February 2022. I started receiving messages about a silent retreat where I can work in a deeper way with the energy field of the participants who join this journey. Then it took 4 months until the whole process landed in my vessel with clear insights regarding this new powerful retreat. I received and still receive various upgrades through this time, to be able to nurture the space for this immense transformation.

2022… this plane is ready for the big shift. Humans are ready to tap into their new body which aligns with new frequency fields that we are just entering.
This process, retreat came to me charged with an immense amount of gratitude and is going to prepare YOU for the new energy spiral we are getting into.
The retreat is designed with two different parts (in order to participate in Part 2, you need to complete first, Part 1)

Part 1 – Silent Retreat – Activate the THREE DIAMONDS:
On the physical body there are three main portals:
– The first one is above the head area
– The second one is on the chest area
– The third one is on the stomach area

Each portal is important and essential to be able to experience energies beyond the physical. Each of them is a special portal that connects the individual with different realms, dimensions.

We will work on these portals one by one. Each day we dedicate ourselves to one portal to activate it and open it.

It is required to be silent during the three days.

*You can enhance the benefits of the process by fasting while you are on it: fruit, liquid, water, or dry fasting. Feel free to choose the fast that resonates with you in the present moment.
We will step out of the three-dimensional reality and open our channel to experience life beyond our senses…

What do I ask from you?
No work, no entertainment, no internet (except for our virtual meetings), no phone, no speaking, and no food.

What will you receive?
– 1 welcome video on how to prepare for the process
– 1 video per day with channeled information about each sacred portal
– 2 hours of live group meditation each day via Zoom where I work on the energy field of each participant


Next retreat: 8-9-10-11 September 2022

Time of the live group sessions: 17:00-19:00 CET