Light Body is part of our being, an energy body, that exists at a 4-5 or even higher dimensional vibration level.

We are in constant change, the planet Earth is a university where we came to learn. It’s a game, nothing else. The goal is for the players to find HOME, become one with their souls, with the higher self, and find fulfilment. As the level of vibration changes on earth, we rise as well. More and more people are awakening to the soul, to the connection to the higher self, thereby bringing the being to a higher vibration level, gradually entering the light.

Our Being First parted from the entirety to experience, and created a 3-dimensional playground characterized by duality. The “Spirit” is always more conscious and advanced, trying to pull the body behind like a shooting star. The center of the star itself is the “spirit”, the tentacles of the star are the manifestations of different energies. As the body awakens more and more, it becomes one with the soul, which can move to an even higher vibration level until it finally returns to the source.

Since the purpose of “the game” is to find the source, our spirit is constantly trying to lift and wake us up. It sends messages that we can perceive with our conscious mind through the body. If there is no harmony between the spirit, the soul, and the body, the physical body is in disharmony.

Lifting the physical 3-dimensional body into the light would be difficult. It would be like getting a dirty dress full of holes fixed, or bringing a broken technical item to the service. They can be repaired, but a lot of time and energy would be lost and ultimately they would not be like a new, more modern gadget.

The solution is the incarnation into another body, called “Light body”, which has a higher vibration level so the higher self, the soul can more easily integrate into this new body and experience a completely different dimension.

In December 2012, the dimensional shift took place, but not everyone noticed this. It takes time for the mind to grasp and absorb this enormous change, so the light is gradually trickling into everyday life. Like thunder, by the time we hear it, a few seconds or minutes have passed between lightning and rumbling. This process must be looked at in the same way. This shift makes it possible for someone who wants to and is ready to replace their physical 3-dimensional body with a Light body and discover the world this way.

There is a lot of difference between a 3-dimensional body and the Light body but to understand it truly you must experience it in its entirety.  However, I have put together some points just to help the mind understand what it is about.

The light body vibrates on the vibration level of pure love. You become love itself and you will see it everywhere around you. Instead of physical hunger, you will feel the energies flowing in and out of your heart chakra.

Benefits of the Light Body: 

  • The Light Body has a lighter frequency field than a three dimensional vessel.
  • Intercommunicate through energy in a quicker, easier way than with the denser three dimensional body
  • Acceleration of Creation Time
  • Unconscious and conscious becomes one, unconscious gradually disappear
  • Energy circulates from inside out
  • Dissolution of the needy state, You nourish yourself from everything in the environment. 
  • Live in an expanded energy field and consciousness
  • Capacity of experiencing different dimensions at the same time
  • Master the ego
  • Master duality
  • Liberate the soul by ending the cycle of reincarnatio 
  • Being FREE, Whole, Complete
  • Rewrite a new DNA
  • Live your life with more energy available
  • Clear mind
  • Full visibility of the matrix or any illusion
  • Feeling the fulfillment in all levels of your life 

Light Body consciousness when you are connected
Three dimensional consciousness when you are disconnected.

Adrienn Light:

“The purpose of my incarnation is the service of ascension. I hold the space for higher frequencial consciousness to express itself in different realms. In 2016 my 3-dimensional body was changed to a Light Body, and at the beginning of 2018, I committed myself to help others as a channel in their rebirth. “